When we started up in London many moons ago in 2010, we had vague ideas about doing smart-data related work in energy markets. We envisioned a team of super bright and inspired professionals from several nationalities combining their skills to change the world - making energy greener, cheaper, and abundant, to enhance the future of humanity.

We realised early on that our mission of 300 GW on AI-interworking was unlikely to be fulfilled through traditional methods from the 20th century - no disruptive startup scales-up using old methods. We needed to take a risk and bet on future technology. This bet was on clever analytical software - analytical because its driven by data; ‘clever’ because it can think for itself, driven by Machine Learning and more broadly Artificial Intelligence.

So today, after several ups and downs, and a few pivots, we find ourselves working at the intersection of three evolving areas - the energy ecosystem, artificial intelligence techniques, and analytics software - clicking all three together as we stride onwards and upwards.

Press Release

Indian Energy-AI startup Climate Connect makes list of 25 leading APAC innovative companies

Delhi-based Climate Connect Technologies receives international recognition in Cleantech’s APAC 25 list as one of the 25 independent companies that are expected to make a significant impact on sustainable innovation over the next decade.

White Paper

Importance of Intra-day Forecasts in Renewable Energy Sector to Reduce Imbalance & Congestion Costs in UK Power Grid

Data suggests that balancing and constraint costs have increased hand-in-hand with the increase in solar and wind energy generation. Short-term forecasting of electricity generation from these sources can significantly reduce the financial burden on National Grid and systemic imbalance in the transmission network.