As the forefront innovative medical device manufacturer in China, Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd develops high-tech medical devices and equipment specialized in fields of cardiovascular interventions, structural heart diseases, cardiac rhythm management, anesthesia and critical care, in-vitro diagnostics, and general surgery. Lepu Medical is dedicated to the mission of revolutionizing medical equipment. From the first coronary stent in China to the first bio-absorbable stent in 2019, Lepu Medical has produced more than 60 million cardiovascular medical products in the last 20 years, and about 3 million coronary heart disease patients have benefited from Lepu Medical’s products and services. Lepu Medical is constantly researching and developing new products and technology to bring better medical services to the world. Lepu Medical is a pioneer in AI- Medical research and development, prompting AI-ECG to aid clinical physicians in ECG diagnosis and interpretation more accuracy and efficient.


The combination of the availability of widespread digital ECG data along with rapid advancements in AI computing power and deep learning-based algorithm development offer an opportunity to rethink the traditional approach to ECG digital signal processing. The availability of these large ECG datasets enables development of accurate deep learning based models to allow efficient automated ECG interpretation.

LEPU AI-ECG technology is a comprehensive deep learning based analysis pipeline that provides synchronous automatic interpretation of multi-lead raw ECG data. In 2018, LEPU AI-ECG became the first FDA 510(k)-cleared⁸ and CE-certified ECG analysis software powered by AI in China (FDA 501(K): K180432; CE Certification: Q5 0500440 0027). “With overall accuracy of 95%, LEPU AI-ECG’s outstanding performance and accuracy makes it a vital and irreplaceable tool for clinical physicians compared to traditional ECG software,” stated Chinese cardiologist Dr. Qian Jianan, a former editorial committee member of the Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. “The feedback from the Common Standards for Quantitative Electrocardiography (CSE) committee also indicated that LEPU AI-ECG performance is approximately equal to the performance of the ‘average CSE cardiologist’ (all CSE referees are renowned cardiologists) and even outperforms the average cardiologist in several categories,” according to Mr. Liu Chang, the head of AI R&D team of LEPU Medical.