Calligo Technologies is a category defining Data Science and Machine Learning software and services company focused on helping organizations translate the big promise of Big Data and Machine Learning technologies into quantifiable business impact.

We were founded with the belief that Emerging & Disruptive technologies in High Performance Computing (HPC) will help organizations to collect, share and analyze endless streams of data. As we had envisioned, the convergence of HPC and AI now is driving a major paradigm shift in computing and analytics. We help clients find and capture hidden value from data through a unique blend of business acumen, big-data, machine learning.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning algorithms with HPC profoundly impacts the IT industry to influence every aspect of human life.

HPC enables AI researchers to be more productive by letting them iterate experiments faster. HPC allows training models on even larger data sets, and is therefore a key part of progress in AI. The AI boom will create an easier path to Exascale.


Selecting a big data solution that will be good for business can be a tedious task. We, at Calligo, not only advises you about big data; but also helps you implement solutions and derive maximum benefit out of it. We make use our expertise and experience to benefit clients looking for big data solutions. We offer the following services

Big Data Consultation:

We understand your needs and suggest the type of solutions that will perfectly cater to your needs.

Big Data Management:

We help you acquire data or structure the existing data making it easy for you to process the data and make the most out of it.

Big Data Analysis:

Our Big Data development services are tailored to analyze the existing data and offer valuable insights to you.

Our tool, CIDAP (Calligo Intelligent Data Analytics Platform) is a new category of solution that unify data processing with AI technologies, enabling organizations to accelerate their AI initiatives.

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