Bloomreach software enables the creation of highly personalized digital experiences for retailers, brands, distributors, manufacturers and a diverse set of businesses around the world. Its flagship product, brX, is an API-first digital experience cloud that combines AI-driven search and merchandising, rich personalization, and next-gen content-as-a-service (CMS) capabilities. brX accelerates conversions, increases revenue, and provides real time insights for business goals. With a global network of certified partners, Bloomreach serves hundreds of large and medium enterprise customers such as Neiman Marcus, Staples, Puma, Marks & Spencer, HD Supply, and FC Bayern München. Gartner and Forrester have both recognized Bloomreach as a key player in their respective vendor evaluations for Digital Experience Platforms.


BloomReach's Experience Cloud harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to constantly improve and optimize the site experience. Our artificial intelligence technology is created to remove the guesswork from digital experience design. Instead of trying to figure out what content users might like to see, businesses can rely on our deep data harvesting, machine learning and intelligent analysis to craft the perfect user journey for every individual visitor using the content that is available (and to suggest to editors what's missing). Our technology is there so that your business can create only - and exactly - the content that your visitors will value most.

We have three products:

brX: The Experience Cloud for Commerce

brSM: AI driven site search and merchandising

brXM: headless CMS