BigData Corp. is a technology company that captures and delivers the best data on the market.

Since we started our journey in 2013, we have been market leaders in the Big Data space in Brazil and Latin America. With a massive data collection process, which has received several technical awards in Brazil and abroad, we aim to democratize the access to the data that lives on the internet, creating new opportunities for local and international companies.

We capture, aggregate, and structure information from almost a billion websites – including millions of public databases. We handle more data than any other company in Brazil – and more than almost all others in the world. All of this so your company can have the freedom to figure out the best way to apply information on its business, instead of worrying about how to find it.

Also, BigData Corp. is the only company in the Brazilian market that guarantees the public origin of the data we deliver to clients. This means that we are able to present all of the evidence of where the data came from, ensuring that no privacy rules are violated in the process.

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Solutions that leverage information to its fullest

Big Data Corp's products allow your company to exploit the full potential of the large amount of data we capture day after day. See how our solutions can help your business:

BigBoost: People and business data gathered together in a single place

BigBoost is an API that gathers in a single place all the data about people and companies that is spread over the internet. It solves all your data needs, from enrichment to validation.

BigMarket: Product data to take your business to the next level

BigMarket is an API that gathers in a single place all the product data spread over the internet. From price monitoring to market research, your business has what it needs.

BigID: Fast, simple and fully automated fraud analysis

Leverage identity validation processes to fight fraud without traumatizing your customers.

BigWeb: A New Way to Perform Market Segmentation and Lead Generation

BigWeb is an innovative tool that allows the user to explore the virtually infinite set of data available in the world through a simple and intuitive online platform.