In the past decade we have seen a flood of data being generated and stored all over the world, mainly in web applications. The main question now is not about having data, but about how to select, filter, pre-process and extract knowledge from these data, and what knowledge is relevant from a business perspective. With the mission of helping other companies to make simpler and more intelligent decisions, AXONDATA provides services, on demand solutions, and an Analytics Platform as a Service, called SOMMA®. Our platform SOMMA was designed to be easily integrated in data centers and storage companies.

Founded by two Engineers with Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and a Business Administrator, AXONDATA works with the Intel AI Architecture, High-Performance Computing platforms and its own designed algorithms, embedded in SOMMA, to deliver the best automation and decision-making tools for the market. In terms of process, we designed the AI Journey, from an initial Problem Assessment, to a Proof of Concept and finally a recurring Analytical Solution running in SOMMA and integrated into our customers' systems. Our main customers segments include: banking, retail, insurance, communications, collection companies, legal, marketing agencies, game industry, e-commerce and human resources.


Our Artificial Intelligence solutions are offered in optimized Intel environments for maximum performance, such as the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) and Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (MKL-DNN). The main services we provide are:

Development of dedicated analytical solutions: intelligent software development based on machine learning algorithms and intelligent systems for strategic business decision making; Development of analytical models: business analysis and solution through analytical modeling based on data; Consulting and training: training and consulting services in data pre-processing and analysis.