Since 2008, ARDIC developed and deployed solutions globally. The innovative approach is in the DNA of the company and the IoT platform IoT-Ignite has the sophisticated architecture best fits to fast deployable and scalable IoT projects. The full stack platform offers an intelligent cloud computing capability with a super intelligent edge gateway layer.

The existing platform is now extending with AI and machine learning capabilities. AI hardware and software technologies are merged into IoT-Ignite skeleton. AI specific hardware like Intel's Movidius are integrated to edge gateways for more powerful and real time critical processes. These AI features at both cloud and edge work flawlessly together and can be dynamically and remotely managed via existing platform administration tools.

The industrial grade Android distribution of ARDIC, PilarOS, allows platform-like programmability for custom applications at the edge as easy as developing an Android application and enables the Application Store concept to deploy pieces of software at the edge. Data security and privacy is ensured starting from the device kernel level to the cloud with full manageability and configuration capabilities. Devices are fully controlled, secured and edge computing brings the over-the-air updates for the device software and applications run on the edge gateway.

IoT-Ignite is providing services since 2016 for various solutions from connected cars to manufacturing industry and 154K+ end points are live on the platform.


ARDIC IoT-Ignite* Platform Turns Fast Food into Smart Operations with Intel® Architecture: Restaurants, like many industries, are data-rich environments that often do not have the tools or technologies to gather and mine the value from this data. Fast food chain automation is changing how restaurants calculate and manage costs on a daily basis. ARDIC's IoT-Ignite* analytics solution combines with Intel® technologies to gather, filter, and analyze key variables to automate operations in fast-moving environments. For restaurants, benefits include reduced waste, insight into customer behavior, and operational efficiency—with positive impact on the bottom line.

New AI technologies are used for intelligent inventory tracking. Both image and voice recognition solutions based on AI hardware and software components are integrated to our existing inventory tracking.


ARDIC IoT Ignite*: diverse vertical market app store and Intel® IoT Gateways: Mobility and user-friendliness are demanding new, innovative, and powerful business models from service providers, business operators, and enterprises. This demand is taking place in every vertical market segment including education, healthcare, retail, government, enterprise, and more. Vertical Application Store* is the keystone for this transformation, shaping the relationship between services and applications provided by the IoT platform and clients. Intel® IoT Gateways connect edge devices—including mobile devices, sensors, and actuators—to the ARDIC IoT Ignite* platform and extend the entire set of IoT services and applications of the ecosystem to the clients.

General structure of the ARDIC IoT Ignite ecosystem with multiple tenants