Allgoo is a Fintech focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to investments and Open Banking technology, among its founders are Phd in Computing, among other specialists, being a company that develops its own solutions of A.I. and API (Application Programming Interface).


Robo-advisor as a Service: We provide API (Application Programming Interface) of our Investment Management and Robo-advisor Platform, to assist investment advisors in the relationship with their clients. Our APIs can also be used for digital customer self-service strategies, without the need for human interaction in the acquisition or management of the invested assets.

One skill of the robot performs sentiment analysis to predict the risk appetite and tolerance of an investor to determine their profile and offer products.

The model is composed by a customized TensorFlow CNN developed by Allgoo team using Intel Devcloud. Intel Optimized TensorFlow on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8153 (Intel DevCloud) delivered performance 1.17x faster than the non optimized version of TensorFlow which uses EIGEN.