Alegion, an Austin TX company, accelerates and takes the risk out of enterprise computer vision, NLP and entity resolution initiatives by offloading the preparation of supervisory training data. We take over the entire process, from training data labeling and annotation to model testing and post-production exception handling. Our clients, mostly Fortune 500 organizations, represent industries as diverse as retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and defense.

There are other vendors that assist in the preparation of training data. Only Alegion completely offloads this process. Our clients give us their data and tell us what their algorithm requires in the way of annotation and labeling. We provide everything – tools, data specialists and specific project planning and management skills – required to produce accurate training data at scale, freeing up data science teams to focus on their core competencies.

Our roots are in crowdsourcing massive data projects. This experience drove the development and maturation of our task and data management software platform. That, and the large-scale project management insights we gained, are precisely what is required in today's enterprise ML initiatives.

Enterprises choose Alegion because we deliver extremely accurate training datasets without their data scientists having to lift a finger. There's no better demonstration of our quality and effectiveness than our net promoter score of 95.


Alegion's solution is a blend of AI-driven technology and humans in the loop.

Our AI-driven software manages project data, tasks and people. At its heart is a proven confidence engine that regulates the often-complex and multi-step tasks required to produce very high-quality training datasets. Our software also includes tooling for an array of ML use cases. At any given moment this platform is executing on thousands of simultaneous tasks.

Our platform distributes these tasks to data specialists that meet clients' skill and security requirements. We have access to nearly 1 million on-demand workers worldwide, all of whom have passed a background check and are able to sign binding agreements regarding confidentiality and data-specific attestations. Upon request, we can provide workers who have specific security clearances or nationalities. We can also provide workers who badge in and out of physical work centers that meet the client's regulatory or risk requirements.