AIZEN is redesigning Digital Banking with AI Banking-as-a-Service powered by ABACUS, our automated machine learning platform specialized in financial services.

ABACUS is designed to automate the core decision-making process across the value chain in banking, retail payment, and the insurance industry. It is a core ‘Logic Chip’ that integrates cross-industry data and converts into value-adding ‘Credit’ information in Finance. We provide modularized AI banking services along with data-rich companies like e-commerce, telecom, and e-wallets, and offer them dynamic product designing and automated credit-cycle control functionalities, powered by ABACUS. Our vision is to fully automate core operations in Retail Banking throughout the credit cycle with our Automated Banking Operating System(ABOS).

AIZEN has obtained a number of use cases in digitization projects with major financial institutions, validating the business impacts of applying AI in the core decision-making processes. As a first-mover of AI in financial services, we have successfully applied AI decision-making modules on U$10B personal loan assets for one of the largest banks in Korea holding U$300B assets. We are also designated by Korea’s Financial Services Commission(FSC) for the first time to underwrite loans on behalf of the bank using AI. The same framework is currently being applied to SME loan underwriting, as well as fraud detection in retail payment and insurance.

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ABACUS, is an Automated Machine Learning(AutoML) platform that enables users to easily build predictive models without having to code. It is a ‘Neural Processing Unit(NPU)’ in financial service that performs like a human brain in decision-making. It can process multiple AI models in parallel which in turn reduces the burden on validating and updating models in accordance with the credit cycle. Its modern architecture is specifically designed to accommodate vast amounts and varieties of data in real-time. Companies can also access all of the capabilities of ABACUS via REST API.


Our AI Banking-as-a-Service(BaaS) is powered by ABACUS, where we serve as an intermediate facilitator between banks and B2C companies. This helps companies launch banking services faster, boost customer retention, and diversify revenue streams. Traditional banks can easily extend their footprint while keeping risk costs low based on a robust risk management framework under Automated Banking Operating System(ABOS). The benefits are ultimately returned to customers as better products, services, and pricing.