Aivo solves companies’ main challenges in customer service and sales growth with omni-channel solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence. Focused on giving people back their time, the company supplies brands of all sizes and different industries, such as Visa, General Motors, Uber, LG, Movistar, Amadeus, Avon, BBVA and Bayer, with easy to use solutions that help improve customer experience.

Aivo started implementing AI back in 2012. Since then, Aivo has been implementing this technology in order to help companies make corporate processes smarter, faster and more effective, as well as helping automate and improve the way brands communicate with consumers. It Suite provides omnichannel automated customer support powered by AI.

Aivo operates globally with 7 offices in North America, South America and Europe, and presence in 22 countries.


Aivo helps automate messaging and experiences in a highly conversational and context-aware way. Its technology rely on "state of the art" Deep Learning technologies for interpreting the semantics of the final-user's intentions, making every conversation count with meaningful, 24/7, customer relationships.

Its Suite is an easy-to-use, omnichannel and customizable solution comprised of four products that employ Artificial Intelligence to help companies of all sizes improve customer service and increase sales:

AgentBot - an automatic solution for customer service powered by Artificial Intelligence. As a chatbot, it allows companies to interact with clients 24/7 through natural, human-like conversations. By implementing AI, the platform can understand the intentions behind people’s questions, as well as misspellings and jargon, and resolve their needs instantly.

Voice - automatic customer service for telephone channels, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Live - omnichannel chat solution for agents with Artificial Intelligence. This is the best co-pilot for human agents, ideal for when the virtual assistant can’t solve an issue or when a customer wants to speak to a representative. Live provides real time, omnichannel and asynchronous conversations with the customer.

Help - a centralized knowledge base and a smart search engine that empowers agents and improves the self-service experience.