We develop and apply artificial intelligence to advanced controls, optimization and industrial process classification. Due to our high performance algorithms, tested and validated through modern modeling techniques, our clients can achieve larger revenue with less environmental impact. Our technologies are high performance, because we collaborate with experts, engineers, and PhDs to deliver the best solutions in the market.

AIMIRIM has more than 15 years of experience on software development, embedded hardware, parallel computation, scientific computation, mathematical modelling, and numerical modeling. All at your disposal and applied to industry in a very modern IIoT architecture!


OPPER Advanced Control: an adaptive advanced control based on a neural network artificial intelligence for industry process controls. IIoT solution based on IEC61499 architecture. Low infrastructure investment.

OPPER Optimization: a real time process optimization algorithm IIoT solution, based on IEC61499 architecture.

OPPER Optimization

OPPER Analytics: a full advanced analytics software to analyze, identify, classify and predict industrial operations. Full in-house development

OPPER Analytics

OPPER Modeling: a software to model based on ODE to model industrial processes

OPPER Modeling

ASTI: A fully parallel and tridimensional immersed boundary Computational Fluid Dynamics software


ALS3D: An IIoT laser sensor to measure volume and mass of stockpiles