Accubits Technologies Inc is a global software development & consulting company focusing on AI, Blockchain & Enterprise development technologies, based in Virginia, USA with offices in India and UAE. Founded in 2012, Accubits was created to leverage technology to empower creative minds all over the world. Pioneered as a custom Blockchain solutions provider, Accubits is one of the oldest and most experienced Blockchain development houses in the market. In 2018, Accubits was recognized as the Most Promising Consumer Blockchain Solution Development Company by Frost and Sullivan.

Since it's conception, Accubits has delivered more than 600 projects, to over 200 clients worldwide. Many Fortune 100 companies in retail, healthcare and so on are powered by our solutions to streamline and leverage their growth.

By focusing on emerging technologies and building a collective of unconventional thinkers and innovators, Accubits is on track to be a front runner during this industrial revolution we are witnessing.



Emotyx is an AI-powered real-time video analytics software that enables businesses to harness intelligent insights from CCTV videos. It automates security surveillance, customer tracking, crowd analytics, people counting, vehicle counting, facilities tracking, heatmap analytics and many more.


With Bud you can speak to your data. Without a single click analyse your data and build the AI models. You can speak to Bud in natural language and he will always get back to you with the right insights & data.


Accucerts is a blockchain based certification platform offering digital traceability of the certification process for reliable and authentic certifications. It enables academic as well as corporate organizations to boost their credibility by issuing certificates that cannot be forged. Certifications powered by Accucerts are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, and shareable.


CoinFactory is an award winning, battle-tested, fully compliant, self-hostable and ultra scalable security and utility token issuance platform. It has already been used by more than 25 ICOs and has raised a total of more than 340 million USD. It also supports token issuance in four different blockchains - Ethereum, Stellar, EOS and Tezos. CoinFactory comes with all the required marketing features to launch a successful ICO.

Artificial Intelligence

Being pioneers in providing custom AI solutions, we have built several applications which serve its intelligent purpose to help clients in their businesses.


Our expertise in blockchain technologies include solutions from smarter financial transactions to more authentic business contracts.

Enterprise Development

With a strong foundation built over many years, we provide end to end support in building solutions for enterprises.

Native Application Development

We help businesses ranging from healthcare companies to some of the Fortune 500 companies to support their mobility needs with state of the art native application development services.