ACC develops data-tools for financial institutions working in Cryptocurrency market investment and risk management. With wide technological knowledge and hands-on experience in the Cryptocurrency space, we tackle the market's biggest challenges using alternative and traditional data-sets, deep blockchain-layer research and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

“Alto” - Streaming likelihood for future Cryptocurrency price change based on alternative and traditional data-sets:

Lower and upper boundary price change movement of a Cryptocurrency for a future timeframe.

Alto heavily relies on advanced AI models fuelled by dFuel's data-sets.

3 years of output history of over 30 Cryptocurrencies.

Delivery with secured email or WebSocket service every 12 hours.

“Alto PRO” - Over 1000 hourly data-sets designed to identify Cryptocurrency market behavior:

Alternative and traditional data on the Cryptocurrency market as a whole as well as for specifics, updated according to relevant market changes.

Above 30 Cryptocurrencies with 3 years of history.

Delivery with WebSocket service providing streaming on an hourly basis.

A wide range of data sources including development repositories, blockchain-networks, blockchain-infrastructure, social media, news, prime sites, order books, trend tracking, mining activity and exchanges.